Go for the Low-Hanging Fruit

Looking for a job? Take the one that easily fits your strengths, not the one that will make you use your weaknesses.

Looking for a girl? Go after the girl that is interested in you and kind, not the girl you'll probably never win over.

Looking for a crowd to hang out with? Call the people that celebrate you, not the ones that just tolerate you.

Why are you making things so hard for yourself, kid? Go for the low-hanging fruit. The high-hanging fruit doesn't taste any better.

P.S. Remember, there is a rhythm to life you would be wise to seek.

P.S.S. I love Don Steele's idea of just letting it happen with girls who show interest in you who live and work close to you. And the safe, interesting, and then attractive model. Or what I call using “nice guy” talk first then transistioning to “real guy” talk.

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