Habits You Need to Start Doing

1. Walk for an hour each morning or night.
Science shows this is the best way to prevent mental decline and even improve cognitive ability (at least 40 minutes 3 times a week). Also walking (being active) is the only way to be healthy (simply working out doesn't work out).

2. Put a pitcher of water on your desk.
Want to make sure you eat more M&Ms? Put a bowl of M&Ms at your work desk. Want to drink more water? Put a pitcher of water on your desk (also make sure you use glass or at least avoid BPA plastics, which can be found from plastic number 7 and in the lining of metal cans). Shot for half a gallon a day. Also, make sure you take a break from sitting every half hour or get a treadmill desk.

3. Work out with a group at least 3 days a week
While not as important as being active (walking), I can't blame you for wanting a six pack. If you do work out, do it with a group, make it a social thing (you'll be more likely to keep doing it). Also, 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) is all you need to make changes in your body.

4. Gratitude Journal on Sunday
Don't do a gratitude journal each day (that'll just annoy you). Instead, do a gratitude journal once a week to track the good things that happened.

5. Practice giving on Saturday
This might sound odd but people would rather get a compliment than sex or money. So you should give people compliments (it makes you happy to make others happy). But when you give, it should be done in bulk. In other words, it's better to do 7 nice things on a Saturday, rather than 1 nice thing each day of the week. Besides, giving, while not killing yourself in the process, makes you more likely to be successful and happy.

6. Less computer time and more social time.
Remember, we are wired to connect. I would even keep a spreadsheet and track it.

7. Practice a low-sodium, low-fat, whole food, vegan diet.
Don't agree with me? I understand, but please watch the videos above before you make up your mind.

8. Eat beans every day.
Beans (legumes) are one of the factors found in blue zones, cultures that live the longest. (Don't forget, low or no sodium if you get canned beans, but dried beans will help you avoid the BPA). Curious what the seven factors are for a long life? A strong focus on family, not smoking, a plant-based diet, constant moderate physical activity (walking not running), social engagements/sense of community, and beans. You can learn more from Dan Buettner's Ted Talk: How to live to be 100+

9. Start walking away from people who treat you badly.
This is probably the source of a lot of your problems in life. You take crap because you choose to put up with crappy people. And, unfortunately, calling out bad behavior makes you look crazy (if you do call people out, remember substance over form). Instead, being able to walk away is the ultimate sign of non-neediness and self-respect.

10. Spend time with people you enjoy.
Science shows it's the activity that makes us the happiest. And happy people are the ones that become successful in life. What is the easiest way to find people to hang out with? Join a group!

11. Seek to maximize the good, before trying to minimize the bad.
Trying to minimize before you maximize can get you stuck in life. Make money. Get a life. Find the good in this world before you try to eliminate the bad.

12. Finally, always tell people what is on your mind.
Don't keep secrets, because they ultimately hurt YOU in the end. Let people know what is going on in your life so you can plan.

Some other things to consider:
If you go to bed at a regular time (an example against this would be you regularly stay up late each night working), set an alarm to wake you up at a regular time. Unless you sleep outdoors, you can't rely on the sun to wake you up at a consistent time. Waking up with at different hours each day will hurt your routine.

And it should go without saying, but make sure you work a little bit towards your dreams each day.

Next, get the computer and TV out of your bedroom. Do those activities in a separate room.

We all need escapism but save it for the end of the day.

Finally, before an important activity (whether competition, business, or pleasure) prepare. Practice, plan, and review your notes.

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