How to Solve the World’s Energy Problem

All power plants should run on thorium (insanely abundant material that is a safe alternative to uranium, no nuclear waste, no bomb making abilities, and virtually impossible to cause a meltdown).

Still need energy storage in remote places that will use solar and wind? Use Aquion batteries (batteries made out of abundant, nonflammable, nonexplosive, noncorrosive, recyclable, and cheap materials: activated charcoal, cotton, manganese, and edible saltwater).

And considering we have enough lithium for electric cars, once we switch over global warming shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Problem solved. You’re welcome. 😛

(Yes, we still need to solve long distance logistics and find an alternative fuel for flying when it comes to climate change, but I think we’ll get there. Actually, if you watch the thorium video, we can create synthetic fuels with it to replace gasoline.)

For those excited about thorium, here is a more in-depth video.

Update: I completely forgot, go vegan! If not for the environment, then do it for your health.

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