How to Succeed in College (The 5 Badass Ways)! – Part 2

4.) Use This Time to Find Yourself

Now is the time to experiment. No. Not like that.

Life doesn’t necessarily become harder after college, but you just get less time to do stuff. Take this time now to workout, read some self-improvement books, do some yoga, and reflect. Life is going to become busier than ever later.

If you are working during college, try to cut down your hours or get rid of it all together. Instead figure out how to do college cheaper. It would be much wiser to cut down the cost of one of the biggest purchases of your life instead of using your time to work for probably little more than minimum wage.

There are several ways to do this, but I want to hit on one in this article: don’t do out-of-state tuition!

“But the university of my dreams is out of state!”

Okay, but there are ways to get instate tuition. You just have to work and plan for it. So start now!

Please don’t figure this out too: your time is your most valuable resource.

5.) It Really is All About Networking (Your Awesome Five)

Saved the best one for last!

What is college really about? Networking. That’s the bottom line.

With the exception of technical degrees, anyone telling you different is lying.

I was listening to the Freakonomics Podcast asking the question “Is College Worth it?” They talked to a professor who said every student he ran into years later couldn’t remember a single thing about his class. So what is the point of college if you don’t remember anything from it? And how on earth does college better our society and planet if these students don’t remember anything?

There are many reasons, but right now I want to hammer one in. You are getting to know like minded individuals. People who value education. People who want to do more work upfront (working on something without getting paid) so they can reap the benefits later. They are long-term planner. They are people you want to align yourself with.

They are going to help lift you up to your future…or drag you down.

Remember: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at how I failed at the University of Texas (great school by the way, completely my fault for not succeeding).

University of Texas:
1.) The pot smoking roommate: that’s all he did was smoke pot and have conversations about absolutely nothing.
2.) The Lazy RA: this guy would be sitting on his computer playing counter-strike 24/7 while eating Doritos and only taking breaks to taunt his residents.
3.) Frienemy Down the Hall: This guy would come over and act like a friend but came off very bitter. Think he was mad about not finding a girlfriend in college.
4.) Best Friend: great guy, but would belittle me in a friendly way (did the same to him). But not exactly what I needed with all these guys listed above
5.) Best Friends’ roommate: something was wrong with this guy. He would yell curse words at everyone he knew and belittle them in a very ugly way every chance he got.

Is it really any wonder why I ended up dropping out of UT?

Now compare that to my ASU experience towards graduation.

Arizona State University:
1.) Extremely Friendly Business Student: one of my classes there was a friendly and outgoing business student who gave me some career advice. We ended up hanging out and becoming friends.
2.) Parent #1: I ended up moving home to get away from the dorm party scene. Parent #1 (aka Dad), is a career focused individual who is still logical and very kind about things.
3.) Parent #2: Mom. How I love you. Very religious and kind person. Always giving an ear for my troubles.
4.) Sister: I couldn’t believe my younger sister was going to college while I was. However, my sister is a very career oriented girl and we hung out a lot.
5.) Girls: I started to go on dates. They were all well adjusted individuals and career oriented girls. I really enjoyed my time with them.

In that situation, my GPA was so high I got automatically accepted into my master’s program.

The point is surround yourself with supportive people, not just in college, but in all aspects of your life.

Need help finding them? You have to seek them out. Join clubs, talk to your professors and guest speakers after class, and keep people who already support you in your life.

One of my favorites ways of finding your five is what I did my first day at ASU. I knocked on every door in my building and introduced myself. I quickly found out who I wanted to get to know. Trust me, even in a dormitory, you will be surprised how little you see these people. Knocking on doors is the best way to make sure you do!

In the end, enjoy college and make it badass!

And once you succeed in college, you might as well plan a badass college road trip to celebrate.

All the best,

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