How Normal Guys Do Pickup

The internet has a bunch of weird advice when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships.

Do yourself a favor, don’t dress up like a hipster and post your approaches on YouTube, roid up to impress chicks, or do any of those retarded drills or canned lines from pickup artists.

Just be a normal guy when you do pickup. Don’t be a social retard.

How do normal guys pickup girls?

Well, they do it a lot like James Bond.

That’s right. Sounds completely off, but I guarantee it’s true. Watch this clip with Halley Berry.

And right after that scene is James Bond making love to her.

Now you shouldn’t flirt that hard or fast with younger girls (it can easily scare them off, but if you can throw in a backhanded compliment – awesome!), but did you notice it during the scene?

She knows exactly what is going on from the start. She is just enjoying the ride.

(But you don’t say what is going on to her…at least not directly.)

You are both being discreet about it. You are both playing the game.

Now does Bond go up to a girl and say, “You are so beautiful, I had to come talk to you!”

Of course not, he would be showing a complete lack of social intelligence and ability. It might work, but you are greatly lowering your odds and coming off weird.

Think of it like making a kid’s movie where you also want to entertain the parents. You need subtle references for things that would be inappropriate for children.

Even if you took away all the innuendo, she still knows why he is talking to her.

She is not an idiot. She is not being seduced against her will.

And the fact that she is continuing the conversation means she is interested.

This means, for the most part, all you have to do is approach a girl and carry on a normal conversation (hinting at things is optional, but fun).

Isn’t there more to it?

Dude, don’t over analyze this stuff. You can pull apart human interactions to the smallest denominator, but all that information isn’t going to help you. You need to take action.

Where do we go from there?

Simple, invite her to do something with you that she would be interested in even if she wasn’t attracted to you. This way you can keep playing it cool.

This stuff isn’t hard guys. Just don’t over think it.

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