Simply Journaling

Journal every night.

But keep it simple.

Make it into a conversation. Don't do one of those "list 10 things you are grateful for and another 10 for whatever" things. Just take time to write down and organize your thoughts.

(No, I don't do Katanakaji anymore as that is a special journal assignment you do for 6 months to help you create a solid foundation of your beliefs. Don't spend a ton of time rereading what you wrote. Remember, too much assessment leads to unhappiness.)

That's it.

Doing this will shift you from the salience processing network (your fight or flight part of the brain) to your executive control network (your critical thinking and planning part of the brain) (picture).

Then, since your journal is right next to you when you wake up, write your to-do list in the morning on the opposite side of the notebook. Then rip it out and keep that to-do list with you.

(No, I don't do Sentou Kaishi either. I feel like it puts too much pressure on you to make sure you move towards your dream each day. Instead, I just try to live my life one day at a time. I just write a simple to-do list.)

One other thing I do instead of a to-do list, if it's not a work day, is to rewrite my vision in my journal (it's a one-page outline, so it doesn't take long).

This helps to keep me pointed towards my true north.

(By the way, don't get a fancy journal either. Get a ballpoint pen and a spiral notebook from your closet and just start.)

Don't make it complicated.

Remember, with all of this just follow the golden rule: keep it simple!

P.S. If writing isn't your thing, you might want to try doing an audio recording for your journal.

P.S.S. A one sentence journal is pretty simple and easy to keep doing.

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