Take Care of Problems as They Come

“Deal with the big while it is still small.” —Lao Tzu

Take care of problems as they come, don't wait till later.

Doing so is just a sign of laziness and not respecting yourself.

When you see a problem, stop what you are doing, and take care of it right then and there.

For example, if you notice you need to trim your nails, stop what you are doing right now and take care of it now before you forget.

Nip it in the bud.

Not taking care of things right away a sign of immaturity and immaturity will only lead to a bad path in life.

Your problems will only grow worse with time.

(20% of the time you don't do it because you don't respect yourself. But 80% of the time you don't take care of your problems right away because of shame, you care what people think about you. Learn not to care, take action! And when you take action, you learn not to care.)

So take care of them as they come to you.

(Need some ideas of what to nip in the bud? Here is a list of things people wish they had started sooner.)

P.S. Taking care of problems as they come can mean at times walking away from a group or situation.

P.S.S. Nipping it in the bud/taking care of problems as they come also means don't keep secrets.

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