The BEST Workout

What is the best workout?

The one you do with people you enjoy.

I just realized that the best shape I've ever been in is when I've been part of a group. High school football and some fitness groups, especially when they take an interest in getting to know me as a person. And that really is the best way to creating a habit of working out consistently. That's the power of social.

A social workout is the one you will do again and again.

Now I know you've done some group/class workouts without any desire to come back. That's because you didn't enjoy, or got to know, the people there.

Join a culture you enjoy, a place with people that you like and you'll keep doing it.

It could be as simple as doing yard work or a bike ride around the neighborhood (if you see and say hi to your neighbors while doing it).

Whatever helps you to be social with people you enjoy, that's the workout you want to do! That's the workout you'll repeat.

Now go start enjoying your workout!

P.S. It's interesting, working out just twice a week, according to science, might be optimal for your health and time. Plus, this prevents burnout, physically and mentally. But if you're like me you, I have to work out every day or I'll just stop doing it.

Uh, I've changed this last part of this article giving advice on how to work out on your own way too much. Just do what works for you and what feels best.

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