The Three Isms You Should Know for Your Mental & Physical Health

These are the three isms you should practice for a healthy life.

No, it isn't easy. It's a lot easier to do their opposite, but, trust me, it's all about the long-term benefits.

Remember, don't do what is easy in the moment, do what is easy to live with.

(The best proof I can offer that these isms should be followed is to pay attention to how you feel when you do their opposite.)


Veganism is key when it comes to your body's health.

Not so much veganism, but a whole food plant-based diet (that means no salt or oils).

You can check out 100 Scientific Reasons to NOT Eat Meat or you can take a look at Dr. Greger's site,, to learn everything you need to know.

The opposite of veganism? Junk food and meat, especially processed meat.

Best honest, that "I ate too much" feeling after eating fatty and processed foods isn't natural. You intuitively know it simply isn't healthy.


Libertarianism is about your psychological health.

It's about your natural, individual rights and exercising them.

Let me give you a warning, never give up your rights, not even a little bit, as you never know someone's true intentions are until after your rights are violated.

Like the saying goes:

"Give someone an inch and they'll take a mile."

Whether it's the right to remain silent or not letting someone search you or your property, always exercise your rights.

To learn more about libertarianism, check out the following: The Philosophy of Liberty, Frédéric Bastiat - The Law, and You Can Always Leave

The opposite of libertarianism is letting people compromise your rights to move things along.

Sure, you don't want to be that guy, but it's better than having a bad experience that could haunt you for the rest of your life. Always exercise your rights.


Groupism is about both your mental and physical health.

The official definition of "groupism" found in the dictionary is different than the groupism I'm describing here.

Here is my definition:

Groupism - the idea that your time is best spent in the company of others, especially in a group.

It comes down to the fact that we are social creatures, we need people more than you think. We need a sense of community.

(I really believe if you are looking to change your life, then people are the x-factor you are looking for. But there is more to groupism than that.)

And, no, spending time with your dysfunctional parent at home doesn't count.

I believe groupism is the reason why religion, especially Christian churches, are so popular. It gives an excuse to hang out in a group of people in a stress-free, fun environment (unlike your job).

It's not surprising when you consider all the benefits to having face time with people.

First, being alone has been shown to destroy your physical health and slowly kill you.

Which goes along with the fact that longest living cultures are those that are the most socially connected (and plant-based).

Second, the science shows we need people to be happy. It even shows that being around people you love and enjoy is the best, and maybe only, cure for depression.

No wonder the Zo’é Tribe are so happy.

But in our western world, we consume "junk food" for the brain (television, computers, video games, YouTube, Manga, etc.) instead of connecting with others. In other words, we practice escapism instead of groupism.

Sure, if we did these activities with other people it would be okay, but we often do these activities alone.

Be honest, once you binge on these activities, don't you feel really bad, even physically sick afterward?

But after a great day with friends, don't you feel awesome? Don't you feel normal?

Take a hard look at your day.

What percentage of the day are you spending with other people? How much time do you spend alone?

(Seriously, you should track this with a spreadsheet if you are just starting the shift from being a complete loner to a social person.)

But I need to make money! I need to be successful in this first, then I'll have time for friends and happiness!

You're making the mistake of putting success before happiness. But the science shows those who are happy are the ones who become successful.

And, remember, that happiness comes from our relationships.

As Jim Collins’s book, Good to Great, notes, great companies focus on who first, then what to do for a business. For a great life, focus on who first, then what you should do for a living.

(I guarantee you there is a very strong correlation between spending time with, and communicating with, other people and success.)

Okay, but I've lived my entire life alone. How do I go about finding people to hang out with all the time?

The best way to practice groupism is to...join a group!

Copy what those darn Christians do. Find a nice group to hang out with all the time. Go join an organization that you are happy to be around. Keep getting that face time and, most importantly, follow up!!!

And when you do hang out, focus on play.

What does play with a group look like? Something like this:

(By the way, watching that is you practicing escapism instead of groupism. So go out and live it instead.)

Don't take yourself so seriously.

Do that and things will get a lot better.

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