Tim Ferriss is the Ultimate Gamma Male

Tim Ferriss is a Gamma Male

Tim Ferriss has been called a lot of things: an idiot, a charlatan, a douchebag, and a fake. But I have a new one: a gamma male.

For those of you who don’t want to read the article about gamma males, I’ll give you the short definition: a sociopath with an inferiority complex.

Tim has an inferiority complex?

Yes, yes, I know that would be very hard to believe given how much fame he has and the way the talks. But that is exactly why he behaves the way he does.

Where is the proof?

His gamma ways took me years to figure out. Before that I thought he was just a smart, eccentric guy.

It all started when I purchased his first book…

I think a red flag went up in everyone’s head when they read the title: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. It just sounded like someone was trying to pull one on you.

Now I’m not saying the book doesn’t work and the title isn’t really proof of sociopathic behavior. But if you open the book that is exactly what you find.

Let’s look to “E is for Elimination” to find some of his gamma ways.

Under your cubical is your temple, he suggests you pretend to be on the phone when people come to talk to you. That is pretty messed up, but, okay, maybe the average joe might do that once in a while.

However, what is disturbing is how he suggests you answer the phone, “Hi, invader.”

…what kind of asshole would answer a phone like that. Any normal person would just say, “Hey, you’re calling me when I would like to get some work done, can we talk later?”

Is that so hard?

But I think Tim purposely wants to hurt other people’s feelings because he gets off on it…anyway back to the story.

After reading his book, that part always stuck out in my head. The lying to skip meetings, manipulating people to leave you alone, and the asking to work at home part. Not to mention he got fired from most of his jobs…something didn’t seem right with this guy.

As time went on, I forgot and even became sort of a fan.

Then I saw his crazy arm tattoo at the 2010 Next Web Conference and I was like, “Aha! I knew it! He is this crazy, antisocial guy!” Interestingly, the talk was about haters, internet trolls, etc., and how to deal with them.

But then he took the tattoo off! It was just a sleeve.

“Uh, guess I was wrong about this guy.”

Little did I know this is a typical gamma move. They let you have an aha moment to only prove you wrong. He knows this is a powerful way to win you over.

And he certainly won me over at the time.

He is so clean and professional in his videos and his writings that I would have never noticed his gamma ways if it wasn’t for…podcasting.

And it makes sense, as podcasting can come off as more of a phone conversation to the guest and, thus, usually have their guard down.

It was in a recent podcast that I noticed he was using the same tactics that gamma males use.

Holy shit, he was a gamma this whole time!

This revelation caused me to start doing a bit of research on this guy.

I came across one account of him using bait-and-switch tactics on a blogger. Dirty.

Then I came across this post highlighting Tim Ferriss’s privileged upbringing and Princeton education.

What does this have to do with anything? It just fits the gamma mold. Most gammas are found in eliteous jobs with eliteous education. And if it isn’t eliteous jobs, then it is the unusual ones like…blogging.

Finally, I found this article talking about how he tricked everyone with this before and after pictures.

Tim is just using the old tricks used by workout magazines and advertisements. Shaving and tanning his body, and exposing the meatier part of his thighs in the after picture. Enlarging the after picture of the photo that had the least amount of change (his back). And it is pretty obvious to me he wasn’t flexing his biceps in the before picture. Yes, there was a noticeable change in overall mass, but Tim has admitted to using steroids in the past. You really think he wouldn’t bother with steroids in this experiment if it was going to sell more books for him? All you have is his word…and that ain’t looking so great.

While I am certain he is a gamma, there isn’t any real concrete evidence against this guy and I wouldn’t really expect to find any. If there was, he wouldn’t be as popular as he is now. And that is why I call him the ultimate gamma, because he has made it to celebrity status without being exposed.

You have to understand for a gamma it is essential no one knows what he is for his strategy to work. Would you support a guy whose true nature is to bully and manipulate people? Of course not!

But I know how they work. And what really motivated me to write this article is what I believe to be a dirty insult he gave to his host towards the end of a podcast. He made a nonchalant example about “dyslexic chihuahuas” which to the audience would seem like a random comment with no meaning behind it whatsoever.

But since this was after I figured out he is a gamma and I’ve had firsthand experience with their dirty tactics like hidden insults that only the intended target would understand (i.e. being passive aggressive), I think there is more to it.

The host is Filipino, but could easily be mistaken for Hispanic, short, and I’ve noticed some typos in his blog posts in the past. I can’t help but think that “random” comment was an insult. And if it was meant as an insult, hopefully the host didn’t pick up on it because he really is a nice guy.

Odd thing was, I noticed Tim Ferriss didn’t act this way on his podcast or when he was a guest on other podcasts. Why was his gamma nature coming out with this host?

Here is something about gamma males that I didn’t talk about in my original post: they hate golden boys. You know the guy everybody (well almost everybody) loves, is a natural success, and is a nice guy. Remember, gamma males have a deep inferiority complex. They can’t stand golden boys and want nothing more than to crush them.

It really is a shame. Tim seemed like such a unique genius to teach the world new things, but was nothing more than a charlatan after all.

And it just makes me sick to my stomach thinking of him bullying and manipulating people. Even if it is just one person, that is one too many.

What a shame, what a shame.

Watch out for those gamma males; they are everywhere.

Till next time,