Truth, Love, and Courage?

So I've written about truth, love, and freedom as being the three roots of virtue.

But I also hold these as the highest things in human existence.

However, you can't have freedom without courage. And if you have courage, then you by default free.

And isn't that what we're all after?

So how do we get courage?

Well, I've written a ton about it, but it usually has to do with external things.

However, just how you choose to embrace the truth and choose to love people, ultimately, courage is a choice.

You can't wait for something or someone to save you. No one is coming. And there is no perfect moment to act.

And there is no tomorrow to be courageous in, because there is only the present moment. That's just another excuse to not be courageous.

There is nothing external coming to give you courage. So you must choose it today, you must choose it right now.

Choose to do something great with your life. Choose to take that first small step and the path will open up to you.

Courage is a choice.

When will you choose to be free?

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