The Only Two Things You Need to Know About Getting Girls

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”
-Lao Tzu

Forget about all the crap you read in seduction.

The details don't matter (should I really have to tell you to dress nice, comb your hair, take a shower, and get a job?).

And one person's strategy won't work for everyone.

All of seduction comes down to two things: 1.) The man must make the first move and 2.) It is all about exchanging energy.

The Man Must Make the First Move

You have to take action!

Truthfully, women usually make the "first move" (excessive eye contact, finding an excuse to get in your space, too friendly of a smile, etc.), but it is up to the man to take action. A woman won't take action, no matter how much she likes you. She might try to trick you or pressure you (even if it means making you angry) into taking action, but she will never make the first move, it's all up to you.

And, be honest, this is why most of you guys are stuck studying seduction, you can't make the first move.

After all your work, you still can't make the first move? Join a group where you can! Even the shyest introverts I know can strike up a conversation with girls who they have to work with on projects, events, etc.

Want to keep doing cold approach instead? Fine, but definitely do a cost-benefit analysis to see if that is really going to benefit your life.

Instead, I would suggest you take the highway. Meaning, do what the bulk of people do when it comes to getting girls. They don't pursue casual sex, they pursue relationships. Where do they pursue relationships? 98% of people find relationships with those available to them; those close to you. This means, school, work, clubs, organizations, friends, etc.

It Is All About Exchanging Energy

No, I'm not a spiritual hippie, but I don't know of a better word to describe the feeling. It's a chemical dance you play together. And that's it. Make each other feel good and you are golden.

The game is all about exchanging emotions. All else is secondary.

Now, those feelings could be perverted sexual ones, romantic ones, obsessive drama ones, friendly teasing and flirting ones, etc.

It doesn't really matter.

People just want to feel alive.

What kind of energy you should give all comes down to your fingerprint, your signature you.

But you won't know who you are, how you like to interact, or who to do it with unless you spend time with people.

So make the first move, get out of the basement, kid, and go live your life.

Focus on making other people feel good.

(Note: Don't believe me? A lot of gurus have come to pretty much the same conclusion: Models by Mark Manson and Seduction for Smart People by Brad Bollenbach, start reading at Pros and Cons.)

In short, just put yourself out there and focus on having fun.

P.S. Can't think of a way to make the first move? Try being honest with her.

P.S.S. Honestly, most women think like guys. They like spending time with the opposite sex and they want sex. Women want to be with you, but they want to get to know you first. They want to make sure they won't get hurt before they have fun with you. That's all.

“Be the flame, not the moth.” ―Casanova

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