When College is NOT Worth it

When is college not worth it?

Simple, if you don’t network.

In my guide, The College Success Plan (A Must Read for High School Students), I said college is worth it if you network and the entire guide is mostly about networking your way to the top.

But I can get a technical degree and always get work.

Ya, but without a network, you are going to be the whipping boy in all your jobs. Besides, you need people to be happy.

The Painfully Shy Introvert

So if you don’t choose to network, then you can only blame yourself, but for some people it isn’t a choice.

Some are so painfully shy but don’t want to be that way. What should they do if they want to be successful and enjoy college?

I’ve talked about this before, I would get a job on campus.

A network really is just a support group of friends. How do you make friends? 1.) Find the right culture, 2.) get as much face time as possible, and 3.) let your guard down.

For the truly painfully shy, college clubs won’t give enough face time to transition those people to real friends. You should still do clubs that interests you, but unless you are an extrovert, you probably won’t get many friends that way.

However, when you consider your job, remember, pick the right culture. Even if the college is the right culture for you (hopefully it is), there are still subcultures you don’t belong to.

Furthermore, try to pick jobs where you’ll have face time with your co-workers. There are some campus jobs where you are basically just by yourself all the time. That’s not helping you build your network.

(Even as a shy introvert, you should still join a bunch of clubs, knock on your neighbor’s doors, eat lunch with people every day, etc. Check the guide at the top for details.)

Finally, now more than ever, the option to not go to college should be taken seriously by everyone before they start school! If you haven’t even considered this option, then you probably aren’t ready to go to a university.

In the end, trust your gut and things will turn out okay.

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