You Must Give 100% When Playing Halo


Yes, I'm talking about the video game Halo.

Why is this so important? Because it's a good life lesson. You need to give 100% at all times.

When I played online, I got pretty good. I would rank 1st or 2nd (at least on my team) every time except for when I gave 90% instead of 100%.

Now 90% is a really, really high effort, but it's not 100%.

So what happened? I would rank last or second to last on my team. Crazy!

When you give only 90% in life, it's never enough. You'll be dead last every time.

You have to give it your all. You have to give 100%.

Playing at an Elite Level

So how did I get good enough to rank so high consistently?

At my college dorm is where I played Halo for the first time. It was usually 4 on 4 using two Xboxes. I grew up playing video games, so I was okay at the start, but man we had some really good players.

One guy, probably the best in our 8 person group, was really good, but he would talk smack all the time (especially towards me). It would piss me off.

It really got under my skin.

Then, I don't know how it happened, I didn't practice more or anything like that, but about 6 months into it in one game, and all the games after, I crushed them all. I mean I completely wiped the floor with them. Every one-on-one battle I would dominate. And I didn't just get the most kills, but I also ranked 1st in just about every stat.

It was like I went Super Saiyan or something.

Now there were two other guys in our dorm who were insanely good (way better than the guy who had a mouth on him), but I didn't get the chance to play them after going "Super Saiyan."

Why? Because the guy who talked smack couldn't handle the spanking I was giving him, so he stopped inviting me to play.

(If you're wondering, no, I haven't played Halo forever or any other video games for that matter, so I probably suck at it now. Ya, I'm Gohan.)

So what's the lesson here? People are the x-factor you are looking for to become the best version of yourself.

I became a badass because that guy pissed me off. It pushed me to be better than I thought I could be.

You need emotional energy to change. And the number one source of emotional energy comes from interacting with other people.

Now the emotions you feel might be some bad ones, but it will push you to change.

So stop playing video games and get out of your room.

Go play the game called life.

Go give your 100% today!

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