Always Take the Highway

"If you do strange things, strange things will happen."

Want to stop spinning your wheels? Take the highway!!!

So you are driving home from work and the highway is packed. Well, just take the back roads right?

But, even though they aren't busy, it takes you longer to get home.

Why? All those traffic lights made it take longer. Even though the highway was only moving about 20-30 mph, it was non-stop.

So what is the lesson here?

The lesson is to not take the road less traveled. That there is an intelligence with the crowd. If the back roads were faster, everyone wouldn't be taking the highway.

There are always exceptions, but 99% of the time take the highway (and stop killing yourself with the back roads).

Yes, there will always be a minority, that 1%, that can get there faster with the back roads, but that is usually because they have inside knowledge of those streets that you may never have.

What I'm saying here is do the normal, standard thing.

It'll benefit you more than you think.

Do this and you'll stop spinning your wheels.

P.S. Need help to find your way back to the highway? The fastest route is to use organic decision making. And if you haven't figured it out, this whole article is just another way of me saying to do things right the first time.

P.S.S. For those that really need me to spell it out to you... Go to the dentist twice a year just like everyone else. Not sure about college? Do what most people do who plan on becoming successful. Go to college! Trying to find a girlfriend? Do it like 98 percent of the population, find them in the groups you belong to like school, jobs, and different organizations. Need money? Don't try to do it online. Do what most people do...get a job!

Do the rule until you thoroughly know the exception like the back of your hand.

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