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12You're Trying too Hard to Fix Your Life: Just do This
10The Secret to Life
9Groups are the Ticket to Fun, Love, Friends, and Happiness
5How to Take Action in Life
4How to Finally Get the Courage to Approach
1Self-Improvement is Selfish
27Action vs Thinking
16Instead of a Gratitude List, Do This!
13You Need to Start Walking!
10Taking the Right Action: The ONLY Path to Happiness
9How to Clean Your Brain (and Fix Your Life)
8Simply Journaling
3Nature Meditation (For Those Who Hate Meditating)
31Book Summaries
2412 Habits You Need to Start Doing
13The Three Isms You Should Know for Your Mental & Physical Health
13Good vs. Evil: Maturity vs. Immaturity
5Truth, Love, and Courage?
1Sentou Kaishi

15The Soft Path to Hedonistic Pleasure
26Stuck Between Two Choices?
20To Be Happy, You Need Hard Problems
16Why You Are Stuck Where You Are in Life: Escapism
8You Must Give 100% When Playing Halo
5How the Law of Attraction Really Works
27Your Life is an RPG (and You're Playing it Wrong)
17How to Break Free
15Very Important: Find Your Crutch; Use Your Crutch
3How to Help People: Ask Questions
3Remove Toxic People From Your Life
27Don't Suffer Needlessly
23Don't Work Hard, Work Long
21Take Care of Problems as They Come
12Body Language Never Lies
6Careful of Those Too Friendly Too Fast
30Lack of Identity = Lack of Action
25My Two Dogs
15Social Engineering: Designed to Fail
13Learn to Quit (and Often)
11The Past Repeats Itself
9Write it Down!
8Keep it Simple!
7Just Start!
31You're Networking Wrong
27Starting Your Own Business? Do These 4 Steps
19Forget Passion, Find Your Play
4Being Grateful for Bad Experiences (The Devil's Pitchfork)
3Miserable right now? Or had a bad day? Do this!
25How to Seduce a Woman
17How to Come Alive
16How to Stop Masturbating
12Self-Help Books Do Work! If You Do This...
8The Secret to Happiness: Learn not to Care

5The Two Most Important Ideas (And How to Kiss Self-Help Goodbye)
1My Four Agreements
31Starting a New School Year? Watch This!
17My Three Favorite TED Talks
7Self-Help Starter Pack
30How to Fix the Emptiness in Your Heart (The Darkness vs The Emptiness)
21How to Stop Worrying
17Follow Your Heart
13Bullies: Part II
9Why You Are Always Mentally Defeated by the World
5Crushing Learned Helplessness
24Happiness, Health, and Success Come from Our Relationships (More Than You Think)
17What Messed my Life Up the Most (And How You Can Avoid It)
15Start with Death, End with Life
12The Worst Experiences of my Life (And How You Can Avoid Them)
11Know thyself
7Willpower is Infinite!
4Don’t Ruin Your Life with Self-Help
19Green Flags
15How to FINALLY Get Over Your Past
9How to Find Peace
81,000 Approaches and 0% Success Versus 1 Approach and 100% Success
2Learn not to Care
1Always Tell Someone Your Secret Plans

23The 7 Best Lessons from All The Self-Help Books
1How to Get What You Really Want Out of Life
28Why You're Still in Your Mom's Basement
26Downward and Upward Spirals
18Why You Still Don't Have a Girlfriend
16The Third Sin
15Learn to Always Respond to Signals
9Inspiration First!
8Don't Try to go Back
5Watch out for These People
1How to Take on a Huge Project
30Never Pay For A Mentor
24How to Create a Vision for Your Life

1The Hero's Journey
30How to Permanently Change Your Life for the Better
30Are You Willing to Look in the Mirror?
26Go for the Low-Hanging Fruit
24How to Get What You Want: Ask!
23Mastering Good Habits and Bad Habits
20Before You Try to Find Your Passion, Your Career, or Your Life's Purpose, Do This First!
18Hard Approach vs Easy Approach vs Natural Approach
16The Truth About Successful People
15How to Stop Taking Things Personally
13Mindset: The Key to Happiness
11Cold Approach: The Final Chapter
2Find Your Aura
1The One Lesson Video Games Have Been Trying to Teach You This Whole Time
30Ultimate Reflection
27Boredom = Laziness
25The Only Two Things You Need to Know About Getting Girls
24The Forge
21Making Friends: Organizations > Clubs
19Super Focus: Technique of the Badass
17Experience Changes the Brain (More than You Think)
9Always Take the Highway
5Katanakaji: The Smart Way to Improve Your Life
10Finally, the Breakthrough Self-Help You've Been Looking For
29Don't let People "Help" You
25Remember Who You Are
16Excellence vs. Perfection
13Accept Your Weaknesses and Become Stronger!
1Excellence, Freedom, and Community Beats Greed and Competition
27The Story of Your Life (the Secure Pushover)
16There is Always a Red Flag
15Tit for Tat: How to Stop Passive Aggressive Behavior
9Self Improvement – Step 1: Get a Life!
7The Three False Virtues: Perfection, Indifference, and Comfort
5Trying to Find Where You Belong?
16Yes, You are Designed to Eat Bugs
15Getting Women with Honesty and Respect
13How to Make a Big Change (Even When You Are Afraid)
12How To Navigate The Social World: Understanding The Microcosm
11Basketball & Self Improvement
8Life’s an Adventure or Nothing at All
8Be Willing To Walk Away (A Powerful Weapon)
7Flow, Rhythm, and Harmony
3The Three Roots of Virtue: Truth, Love, and Freedom
1Want Women? Do Something Epic!
28How to Solve the World’s Energy Problem
21How to Get a College Girlfriend (A Guide for Shy Introverts)
19The Two Evils of This World
9Cheese is KILLING You
8The Wisest Move You Can Make
7Is Money Good Or Bad?
6When College is NOT Worth it
5Stop Letting The Internet And Self Help Warp Your Mind
4When Simplicity Is Harmful (A Short Read)
3Want An Excellent Life?
2The Solution To EVERY Problem You Have
1The College Success Plan (A Must Read for High School Students)
1Good People vs. Nice People
31How To Make Friends: An Updated Guide For Shy Introverts
31No More Cold Approaching – Do This Instead
23Why Are You Putting Success Before Happiness?
16Avoid This at All Costs

24The Nuclear Weapon of Self Improvement
105 Herbs with Amazing Benefits
7The Zo’é Tribe…Heaven on Earth?
6How to Stop Drinking (the Ultimate Guide Using Science)
55 Teas with Amazing Benefits
26How to Prevent Smelly Feet
17Top 100 Badass Places in the World – Part 4
17Top 100 Badass Places in the World – Part 3
17Top 100 Badass Places in the World – Part 2
17Top 100 Badass Places in the World
12On Life
2The BEST Workout
30True Alpha?
24Is True Happiness Internal or External?
15The Creator
5How Normal Guys Do Pickup
3How to be an Amazing Parent
28Are You Living Your Art?
26The Ultimate No More Using Soap Guide (and Never Stink)
25How to NEVER Get Cavities Again (Breakdown of Scientific Studies)
17Find Your Place in the Universe
12Always Listen to Your Intuition
2How Different Bloggers Make their Money Online
28The Other Cause of Depression
23Soap is Bad for Your Health
13Go With the Flow and Work Hard
7Doing Things Right the First Time (A Very Important Read)
30100 Scientific Reasons to NOT Eat Meat
24The ONLY Way to Beat Depression
19Popular Bloggers Give Must-Read Posts for College Students
13Happiness: An Unusual Finding
7How to be a Badass Lover in College (5 Mind-Blowing Techniques)
2Are you Putting Tactics before Strategy?
27Being Selfish is the Ultimate Selflessness
19Are your Ideas & Plans Rotting?
17High School Activities Worth Joining
16College: Activities Worth Joining
13Careful: All Clubs are Part of the Social Game
6How to Succeed in College (The 5 Badass Ways)!
2This is Why You Have No Friends
16The First Lesson, Let Go
12The Dawning of a New You