Basketball & Self Improvement

I think basketball is the best exercise. It’s a full body workout and gets your heart rate going.

I used to shoot hoops and practice layups on my own all the time. Probably for about 5 years on and off. I would research how to do the perfect free throw, where to put my hands during a layup, etc.

My practices got pretty good. I could do fade away shots and spin around while shooting for and making the basket.

I didn’t play much with other people because all my friends were nerds.

After graduating college, I started to play basketball with the people at work. I was the worst player out there! I was always picked last…

Frustration didn’t begin to describe how I felt. All those years practicing and I sucked.

I guess I was used to playing on my own and at my own tempo.

After getting my butt kicked for about 6 months, finally, I started to make some great shots. I felt my body mimic how I felt when I practiced on my own.

I saw some puzzled faces as suddenly the worst guy out there was making fadeaways and spin shots like it was second nature.

What is the point of the story above? Anything you learn will take some time before you can effectively apply it to the real world.

A lot of the self-improvement stuff might feel like it doesn’t work or even hurts you, especially if you are basically a hermit. It’ll take time for your neurons to get used to interacting with real people.

Eventually, all that self-improvement stuff will pay off. But if you never get out there in the real world, then you really are just wasting your time.

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