Find Your Aura

You've felt it before.

Maybe it was a high school pep rally, a concert that blew your mind, or that college visit that gave you a good feeling.

There was an aura about it. It made you feel like you belonged; it made you feel excited to be alive.

When we are young we naturally seek out things with that aura.

But as we get older, we forget about it.

The weight of the world comes down on us: "Get a degree!", "Get a job!", "Get in shape!", "Do networking events!", "Find a husband or wife!", etc.

We do activities and join groups because we're supposed to. But we forget about what really moves us.

Does this activity or group of people give you a good feeling? Does it naturally attract you? Does it have an aura?

No? Then forget about it.

Find your auras!

P.S. This is another way of saying: Follow your intuition.

P.S.S. Auras are funny things. You usually find them when you least expect it, but when you search for them they can be rather elusive. I suggest you start your quest by looking for people and groups who share your values and desires.

This post was inspired by a chapter in the book, The Connection Algorithm: Take Risks, Defy the Status Quo, and Live Your Passions.

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