Miserable right now? Or had a bad day? Do this!

So I went out recently to a party and about four different guys tried to start a fight with me. I think there was a girl there who liked me and when the insecure "alpha males" sensed this, they tried to chase me off. It was a bad experience, but I'm not going to start a fight. I had a beer or two and got home around 3am.

The next day I assumed I felt bad because of how late I stayed up the day before. But a few days after I still felt bad. It had just snowed at my place and I told myself to just stay home for those last days. Then I realized I had this bad experience and no good ones after. Only neutral, boring ones while staying at home.

Experience changes the brain.

So I went out and did a few things with some people. I finally started to feel normal again.

Are you miserable right now? Why don't you get out of the house and do something fun with people? It's pretty simple.

Remember, we need a lot more good experiences to outweigh the bad ones (about 5-to-1) to be happy with relationships and life. This means you have to put a lot of effort into finding good experiences or else you'll get depressed.

If you need help getting the ball rolling, try creating a domino effect of healthy thoughts and actions.

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