How to Take Action in Life

You hear it all the time with self-help material.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

That really is the key to success in life, but there is more to it than that.

Here is the right way to take action.

Act First, Then...

If you want to start a lawn mowing business, go ask your neighbors if they have a job for you.

If you want to start a web design business, go to local businesses and offer your services.

If you want to get a girlfriend, go start talking to girls.

Don't hesitate. You don't need a business plan, business cards, or anyone's permission. Just start.

And girls don't bite unless you want them to. 😉

And don't waste your time researching and reading for hundreds of hours, months, or even years of your life.

Action is the only way to get empirical evidence for your life as everything you read online, relative to you, is just theory.

Besides, you'll just forget what you learned and spin your wheels. Take action instead and learn as you go. So act first, then...

(Some of you might have a hard time taking action in the first place. In other words, you end up spending hours trying to find the courage to talk to that local business or to that girl. You won't get any results that way. Instead, use a crutch to get you to take action. It might make all the difference in the world for you.)

Ask "Why?"

After each approach or attempt to do what you are trying to do, ask, "Why didn't it work?" or "Why did it work?"

Was it something you did? Or was it something out of your control?

You must explain your results, or else you'll just get stuck in an action rut with little to no success.

The step after "why" is...

(Before you get too frustrated with this whole process, remember the first why you come up with will probably be a symptom instead of the cause, which means your attempt to treat it will fail. Try to look for that deeper why if you really want to do better in life. But don't overthink it. When in doubt, just take action and test your theory.)

Then ask "How?"

Ask how you can change things for the better next time.

Do you need to change your target demographics? Do you need to change your words? Do you need to change your marketing materials? Or should you stay the course? You get the idea.

Tweak. Then do your new action. Rinse and repeat.

This is where you'll start to see a huge difference in your success.

But you must keep taking action.

Don't let early failures break your momentum. Instead, make them into tools to point you in the right direction, and try again.

A lot of life is just about putting yourself out there and seeing what works for you. Even if you don't use the why and how method, or even if you do, the most important thing is to get out of the house and try new stuff. Take that action.

P.S. I can't emphasize it enough, do not overthink things. It will hurt your progress and has even been proven to make you unhappy. Instead think: Action, tweak. Action, tweak.

P.S.S. This why-how exercise will help you from repeating the same mistakes, but it won't necessarily lead to the right action. Best way to do that? According to science, use your intuition.

Bonus Article: You MUST Join a Group

When it comes to action and improving yourself, there is no better way than with a group.

If you didn't start with a group (you should start any project with a group), you need to join a group eventually.

We aren't designed to go it alone! As Bob Beaudine says it's hard to get traction when going it alone.

(Even if you are trying to find a girlfriend, start going out with a group of friends or join an organization to meet people. Things will get a thousand times easier. But don't stay where you're not wanted.)

Even if you are successful on your own, you will burn out eventually.


Because you need fun, you need novelty, you need friends.

And a group can provide you all of these.

Plus, a group will even push you to take action when you normally wouldn't have the guts to. Get a group!

However, if you are having a hard time finding one that works for you, you could start your own or hire some employees.

Besides burnout, you need a group or you'll get hit a new plateau, you'll get stuck again.

Two heads are better than one. They'll give you ideas you would have never thought of on your own, they'll have access to resources you don't have, and they can also tell you what you are doing wrong.

Get a group. It'll accelerate your success faster than anything else.

"We're not designed to 'Go it alone!'" —Bob Beaudine

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