Stop Letting The Internet And Self-Help Warp Your Mind

Are you letting the self-help industry mess you up?

The thing with self-help is it often ends up being a stopping point instead of a launching pad.

If you would just stick to working through your problems in real life, you would figure things out and make progress. But instead you spin your wheels on some new self-improvement agenda and you get nothing done.

Worse, you end up spending money and time on some fake guru.

You need to be careful with the internet, because, unlike real life, it is much easier to get seduced by someone or a philosophy that gives no real benefit to your life.

However, if you were exposed to the same idea or person, face-to-face, most likely your intuition would instantly protect you from wasting your time on them. And, as I always say, time is your most important resource.

The real secret to self-help is to just live your life. I think there is some country song that says, “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.”

The more real world experience you get (with people!), the more patterns you’ll see and the more strategies you’ll learn that apply to YOUR life. And you’ll not waste time learning strategies that are of no value to you or are even harmful for you.

But you won’t learn from watching everyone else from the sidelines.

P.S. Besides some of the bizarre articles you come across on the internet, some of the best books out there have strategies that won't work for you. They will even harm you. Those strategies work for the author's life, not necessarily yours. Remember, think for yourself.

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