Trying to Find Where You Belong?




Trying to find where you belong? I’m sure you’ve searched the internet for answers. And they probably gave you some BS that they aren’t even sure about themselves.

The answer is actually very simple and intuitive. And we can get there in a few logical steps. Finding where you belong is all about other people (things don’t really matter to you, only people do).

Thus finding where you belong all comes down to finding the right culture.

Finding the Right Culture is Easier Than You Think

So there is your default culture: the race you are, the social class you belong to, what religion you were born into (even if you aren’t religious), the country/state/city that you live in, etc.

But the culture I’m talking about is all about those you spend the most time with.

Thus, besides your family, your culture really is your schooling or your career.

And guess where 98%+ of people’s friends and significant others come from? School or their career.

Choose the Right Group

I’ve talked about choosing the right culture for the college you go to in my college success guide.

But it is just as important, probably even more so, to pick the right culture when it comes to your career.

How do you pick the right culture?

Simple, what do you enjoy to do?

(Hint: A better questions might be, “What are you good at?” People tend to enjoy what they are good at and others are usually willing to pay you for it.)

Ending Up In the Wrong Career

It is always the same story. People end up in the wrong career path because they are pursuing money or sex. They believe that career path will grant them access to more of one of the two (or both).

And sometimes people get pressured into it. You know the parent who pressures their son or daughter to be a doctor, a lawyer, or whatever.

But money and sex will never fully satisfy you if you don’t have the freedom to do what you want.

The answer is simple, change careers into one that you truly enjoy.

The Entrepreneur

So I hear you say, “But I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t have a career or a culture of people.”

I call BS on that. Every successful entrepreneur has people they rely on: people they partner up with, turn to for advice, or ask for help.

Okay, okay, a very small minority are successful all on their own, but since we know happiness comes from other people, why would you do that?

Even as an entrepreneur, there is a culture in the industry you choose. If you don’t enjoy the people in that industry, then you are going about life the wrong way.

Do it Today!

I know there is that temptation to wait for that perfect moment to change the course in your life. But it’ll never come.

Life is passing you by.

Do it today and find the life you truly desire.

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