Ultimate Reflection

“Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?” The great doctor was silent a moment, and then he said, “Men simply don’t think!” -Dr. Albert Schweitzer

People get stuck because they simply don't think. Actually, they don't critically think about their lives.

We all reflect on our past, but, usually, it is just nostalgia rather than a method with logical, deep analysis.

But ultimate reflection is reflecting on our past successes and failures in a systematic way with critical thinking and applying truths found to our current situation to start doing what works and stop doing what doesn't.

Can't find companionship? I bet you've had success somewhere in the past. What factors and patterns were present for your success?

Trying to be happy? I bet you've had mind blowing moments in the past where you were smiling from ear to ear. What events lead up to those moments?

Trying to find your natural strengths to leverage? Look at your prior wins. Were they due to natural ability or did you just get lucky.

I would suggest you write down these experiences and break it down with several questions.

They say those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But I say, those who cannot learn from the past will be doomed to replay it.

P.S. Ultimate reflection digs deep into your past for key experiences with an objective eye. However, katanakaji is about reflecting on your current situation and recent past. It would be wise to do both.

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