Very Important: Find Your Crutch; Use Your Crutch (And Don't be Ashamed)

Life is short and time is your most valuable resource.

Here is the thing. When it comes to your weaknesses, they'll always be your weaknesses to a degree. Don't waste time trying to improve them. You'll be burning up your most important possession and only see microscopic results.

Instead, do the smart thing. Work around your weaknesses. Use a weapon to help you (thought I was going to say crutch, uh?).

Should Professor Xavier stop using his wheelchair? Of course not. Should Cyclops never use his ruby glasses because it's a crutch? No way, it's the only way he can effectively use his powers. Should Wolverine get rid of his adamantium? Nah, it makes him more deadly.

Okay, smart guy, what about in the real world?

Okay, here is a real life example for you, I suffer from dyslexia. Yes, the brain can change itself if you work at it, but I would probably waste way too much time trying to get over my disability, if that is even possible. Instead, I use two really great proofreading tools (and I waste way less time proofreading). They don't get rid of all my mistakes, but enough where I can just focus on writing from my heart, doing what I enjoy the most.

Here is another example, when it comes to talking to strangers, I always need a logical excuse to push me. I can't just go up to strangers I want to meet (unless it's a networking event, but that's a logical excuse for me). So I create a logical excuse to meet people. Like carrying a camera on my neck and telling people I'm taking photos, or whatever (but don't to lie or twist the truth, there's no need for it). And with that tool I can build momentum to the point I don't even need the camera to talk to people and then I really start to enjoy myself.

I end up creating momentum, letting loose, and having a great time.

Who cares if I'll never get over my approach anxiety without it. Who cares if I'll always be the nice, shy guy. I might be a "mutant," but I've found my weapons. I've found a way to be happy. And that's all that matters.

P.S. What is the greatest clutch of all that will push you forward the most? What will be your greatest weapon? Other people. They are the key to your success and happiness. Never forget that. (But some of you might need an inanimate crutch to get you to interact with people.)

P.S.S. Here is the thing with a crutch, it lets you start exercising your legs, which might eventually make them strong enough to walk on your own. In other words, it lets you take action, which is the most important part of self-help. Using a crutch might be the key to making you strong enough to live the life you want to live!

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