Why You Are Always Mentally Defeated by the World

How do you know if you are mentally defeated by another?

Simple, they made you feel bad (and if you make them feel bad back, that just means you both lose).

How do we stop this from happening?

Before we go there I want to talk about a book called, Power vs. Force. It is a little weird and I wouldn’t recommend reading it unless you are into spiritual books.

That being said, in Chapter 4 he talks about a very interesting concept. High versus low energy levels of consciousness. Think high energy as being happy and low energy as being miserable.

Why is this so important? Because these levels hold the key as to why you are constantly being defeated by others, why others are making you unhappy.

I won’t cover all the levels, but I do need to cover some of the lower level ones (1-199 energy range) and the first high level one (200+ energy range). You can read more about the other levels and find the source for the paragraphs at Fred Tracy’s article, Power vs. Force: The Levels of Consciousness

Again, I want to emphasize the above paragraphs are excerpts from Fred Tracy’s interpretations of David Hawkins’s book.

Anyway, to answer the question: Why you are constantly mentally defeated by others?

Simple, they are at a higher level.

And that level is usually anger/frustration.

And there are a lot of angry people in this world. Angry because they feel trapped in life, trapped by society. They think more sex or money will set them free, but what they really need is a human connection. However, I won’t get into that here.

So to beat them all you have to do is go to a higher level.

While there are various higher levels, in my experience, you have to start with courage first.

And courage/confidence is the level you need to reach to defeat those with anger in their hearts.

If you have courage, you can walk away from any situation. If you have confidence, you can and will stand up for yourself.

One thing that anger and courage have in common is being able to break free of your social conditioning. But with anger, it is still done in a cowardly way, like passive aggressiveness. Courage, however, you completely face your fear head on.

Sure you could match their level instead, play a game of angry tit-for-tat or bash-for-tat, but that is still a low level.

And sometimes anger is what it takes to move away from the lowest levels of inaction. But you may never obtain that inner hatred to fight like they do.

If you had a happy childhood and you live a comfortable life, while you may not be happy, you probably don’t have that inner rage.

And that’s a good thing!

Anger in your heart can become a trap for your soul.

The funny thing is humans usually become frustrated because they put up with frustrated individuals. Remember, only hurt people hurt people. So do not associate with them and don’t become infected with that cancer.

But they cannot be avoided altogether. There will come a time when they challenge you and possibly defeat you. So you need a strong immune system.

So how do we reach those higher levels so we can be undefeated?

Achieving the Higher Levels

I think achieving the higher levels and the highest level (enlightenment) can only be done by doing two things: taking action and embracing and internalizing the truth.

Remember, experience (action) changes the brain, it changes who you are as a person.

And the truth shall set you free.

Getting out of the lower levels is more about action and moving up the higher levels is more about embracing the truth.

Since you are reading this article, you’ve probably gotten enough truth. What you need now is action.

Remember, action is the great restorer and builder of confidence.

And the first higher level you need to obtain is courage.

The best type of action is usually one where you interact with other people (or at least face your fear when it comes to living your dreams).

In my prior articles, I’ve talked about how groups can be the easiest way to force action and build confidence.

But I know finding the right group to get you to take daily action can be incredibly hard.

Instead, I would suggest you focus on following your heart.

Take that one small step you need to take each day.

Your intuition knows what you need to do.

When you follow your heart, it will force you to take action daily.

It will take you on a journey that will guide you to your group, your place in the Universe.

The best way to start following you heart? Talk to someone close to you about it. Don’t keep secrets, that’s a sign of immaturity.

Rely on the help of others to make your dreams come true.

Yes, it will take courage for you to tell them, especially if your idea is a little out there, but I think you’ll find the strength within yourself to take the first step.

P.S. I believe there is a level before courage that is also a higher level:

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